About "The Devil's Tears"

In his first published novel, “The Devil’s Tears”, Steve tells the story of a family swept up in a bloody war that ravages their beloved Portuguese Timor.

About "The Devil's Tears"

In 1975, when their tiny half-island nation is invaded, Cesar da Silva flees Timor along with his wife and children. But in their desperate bid for freedom, amidst the chaos and devastation, the family becomes separated. Believing his wife and two daughters dead, Cesar finds passage to the Portugal of his heritage and later to Australia.

In Occupied Timor, Cesar’s wife is alive, but her troubles are far from over. Hunted by a sadistic warlord and with no way to get a message to the outside world, she despairs she will never see her husband again …

More than twenty years later, a young Australian journalist and her photographer are drawn to the killing fields of Timor. The two of them discover the terrible suffering of the Timorese people at the hands of a brutal foreign invader, and are compelled to expose the truth to the world. In their quest for justice, they inadvertently become entangled in the da Silva family tragedy, placing them all in grave danger …

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