About Steven Horne

Steve Horne was born in Brisbane, Australia. He was educated in Brisbane and Sydney and later at the University of New England.

About Steven HorneOn completion of his studies, Steve attended the Royal Military College as an officer cadet. Following graduation, he commenced service as an officer in the regular army. Steve’s regular military service culminated in deployments to East Timor with the United Nations in 2000 and to Bougainville as a Patrol Commander in 2001.
Steve left the regular army soon after, working as a private contractor serving clients in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan until 2009. He is now a fulltime author.

Steve lives in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates with his wife Vicky and two sons Nicholas and Lachlan. He is a keen student of history and enjoys classical music and modern art. Steve also enjoys overseas travel - especially in Africa where he has toured extensively. He is an avid SCUBA diver and angler, and escapes into the outdoors whenever his schedule permits.

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